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Java Scripts

[Background Changer] [Button Changer on Click] [Button Changer on Mouse Over] [Image Changer] [Clock] [Confirmation] [E-Mail] [Fading Text] [Frame On-Of] [Go To List Box] [How User Came] [Greeting According to Date and Time]
Type Writer] [Last Date Modified] [Text on Status Bar] [Open New Window] [Message on Status Bar] [Scrolling Text on a Button] [Scrolling Banner]

Java Applets

[Animated Text] [Blinking Text]

Hot Stuff

[Forward Page-Client Pull] [Button as a Link] [Close Window] [View Your HDD]

Page Styles (CSS)

[Body Tag] [P Tag] [H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6]
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